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The North American Network Operators Group (NANOG) provides a forum for the exchange of technical information, and promotes discussion of implementation issues that require community cooperation.

There are several methods for joining the nanog list.

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Aaron Nabil

Andrew Partan

Bill Manning


Cell-Relay Gopher Janitor

Curtis Villamizar

Dale S. Johnson

Daniel Karrenberg

Dave Sincoskie

Elise Gerich

Farooq Hussain

Frank Liu

Gordon Cook

Griffin Monroe

Hans-Werner Braun

Ittai Hershman

Joseph W. Stroup

Liang T. Wu

Louis A. Mamakos

Martin Lee Schoffstall

Matt Mathis

Michael A. Patton

Mike Marcinkevicz

Mike O'Dell

Milo S. Medin" (NASA Ames Research Center)


Pam Ciesla

Paul Love

Peter Dawe

Peter S. Ford

Pushpendra Mohta

Sean Doran

Stephen Wolff

Steve Schnell, Sprint Corporation

Steven J. Richardson

Steven K. Widmayer

Susan Hares

Tim Salo

Tim Streater

Tony Bates

Tony Li


Vince Fuller

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