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Re: Collocation Access

  • From: Gaurab Raj Upadhaya
  • Date: Thu Dec 28 14:31:45 2006

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On Dec 28, 2006, at 3:49 PM, Joe Abley wrote:

I gave my Ontario drivers licence to Equinix security in LA, once, and they refused to accept it as proof of ID since it wasn't government issued. I said it was; they disagreed. I tried to explain that there was more than one government in the world, but I got blank looks, and had to head out back past building security and up to the roof in the adjacent parking garage to get my passport.
Hmm!! may be folks in San francisco don't care so much. last time i went to a San Francisco facility, i handed them my Nepalese driving license (no, wasn't carrying my passport), and they didn't blink at all. though when i came back, they did ask me what the hell an 'auto rickshaw' was :-).

Generally, as long as i had a pre-authorized ticket open for access to equipment, any form of ID with a picture has worked.


For some reason it seemed a good idea to get all my various passports while I was there (I have three), and when I made it back inside I handed them all over together. I realised about two seconds after handing them over that I was probably doing a stupid thing. A whole group of them appeared, and huddled around my passports with their backs to me. They seemed on the verge of calling the FBI.

They gave the passports back, eventually, and I didn't go to jail. So it could have been worse. :-)

           -- gaurab

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