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Re: Cogent move without renumbering

  • From: William Allen Simpson
  • Date: Sat Oct 08 13:59:43 2005

Patrick W. Gilmore wrote:
Since you and Randy clearly
have different definitions of "ISPs that matter", can we not spend 100 posts on what would be two people arguing different sides of different points?

The sad part is you knew (or at least should have known, if you honestly believe your opinion os worth wasting over 10,000 people's time) what Randy meant.

Since I started the thread subject, and the phraseology was given by
Bill Woodcock, I'm pretty sure _I_ know what _I_ was talking about.

And suspected that Randy talking about something else or being otherwise
pedantic (as has been his forte from time to time), so explicitly asked:

# Perhaps you are quibbling ...

This thread is about how to do massive moves quickly, without
renumbering and without damaging the routing tables.

Or do you think that (according to media reports) millions of singly-
homed users will just renumber in a few days or weeks?

My experience hasn't been that sanguine.

Your other posts seemed to be more realistic.  Let's keep the eye on
the operational ball.

William Allen Simpson
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