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Re: Cogent/Level 3 depeering

  • From: JC Dill
  • Date: Wed Oct 05 16:28:14 2005

Matthew Crocker wrote:

Ok, I *pay* Cogent for 'Direct Internet Access' which is IP Transit service. I *cannot* get to part of the internet via Cogent right now. I also *pay* Sprint and GNAPS for 'Direct Internet Access' and I can get to all parts of the internet via their networks. I *used* to be triple redundant to *all* of the Internet but now I only have *two* connections to Level 3. My packets are reaching their destination because I'm smart enough to be multi-homed, that doesn't remove the responsibility of Cogent to do what I *pay them to do*. Cogent is *not* providing complete Internet access, I really don't care who's fault it is.
Right now *neither* Cogent nor Level3 are providing complete Direct Internet Access. This is a self-solving problem - why would anyone buy internet access (or renew existing contracts as they expire) from either of these networks when neither of them connect to the complete internet?[1] Either one of them caves in and buys access to the other (or to another network that will transit to the other), or they repeer, or they BOTH lose sales.

Your weapon is your sales rep. Use your sales rep to make your position clear to your network provider. If you are presently a customer of either network you need to contact them now.

Contact your account manager and demand service credit. Contact your sales rep and notify them that you will not be renewing your present service with them or buying any service from in the future unless you get your service credit AND this problem is immediately fixed.

For extra measure, copy the message to your other providers. This puts them on notice that if they ever try such a stunt they will end up with the same problem.

Then start your search for a replacement provider. If every Cogent and Level3 customer did this today, this problem would be solved by the end of the week, guaranteed. Service credit demands will get their attention but if every current customer says "we are going to cancel this service and buy from someone else who actually connects to the complete internet and not just a subset of the internet" then the complaints flooding in from the SALES department will really get their attention. Neither of them can afford to have their sales stream dry up while they play chicken.


[1] Then there's the publicity problem. I can't find any news articles online about this depeering. Write or call your local newspaper (or favorite tech magazine) and explain why this is news and you want them to cover it. A flurry of articles about how some businesses can no longer access the "complete internet" due to a connection and routing spat between 2 large backbone internet providers will be juicy news for the business section and add to each network's sales problems.