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Re: decreased caching efficiency?

  • From: Majdi S. Abbas
  • Date: Fri Oct 20 12:31:23 2000

On Fri, Oct 20, 2000 at 10:24:27AM -0400, Dana Hudes wrote:
> No, you are interfering with my revenue stream by preventing 
> my getting credit for the banner impression.

	Tough.  Banner ads aren't a guaranteed form of revenue.
How would you feel if I said my cache at home filters banner
content out?  You do not have a guaranteed right to spew
advertisements.  If banner revenue is a large part of your
revenue model, I think you need to consider revising it.

> right. your customers pay you to get them the packets they asked for and if 
> they want to visit my site and see my content and your cache breaks that, 
> you're not delivering what your customers requested. My site won't deliver 
> content in most of the pages without the ads displaying.

	Not having a site that is cache friendly is the equivalent of
not having a site that works with Netscape|IE|etc.  I don't see how your
content is the responsibility of anyone else but you.

> At the moment there is a timeout built in while I wait for the ad network 
> to increase server capacity to meet demand.
> It will go away.

	Ahh, so your page is disgustingly slow, and you want to keep it
that way.