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Re: decreased caching efficiency?

  • From: William Allen Simpson
  • Date: Fri Oct 20 12:10:44 2000

Daniel Senie wrote:
> So, when Sears buys a full page advertisement in the Boston Globe, they should
> get that for free, and only have to pay the Globe when someone shows up at
> the door holding a copy of the ad?
> Sears gains brand recognition through its ads in newspapers, on TV, and on
> any other medium it employs.
> Banner advertising impressions serve exactly this purpose.
I cannot tell to whom you are replying, as your argument supports 
mine.  Yep, I agree.

Sears pays a fixed price to the Globe.  It doesn't vary depending 
on how many folks buy that paper that day, and how many others 
happen to pass it along, or leave it on the train to be picked up 
by others.

OTOH, measuring banner "impressions" isn't like that at all.  A bad 
business model based on incorrect delivery assumptions.

Meanwhile, some folks seem to have the idea that banner ads pay for 
content, and you shouldn't look at the content unless you also look 
at the ads. 

I'll remind folks that ads don't pay for anything.  Consumer purchases 

Does somebody here argue that every consumer should be required to
buy every product they see advertised on television, or never watch
the shows?  (Admittedly, some places it seems that anyone will argue
anything anytime.)

I routinely throw away newspaper advertising circulars.  I routinely 
tape TV shows, and skip the ads.  I routinely read Wired (Washington 
Post, etc, etc) with images and cookies turned off.

Now that we have beaten the philosophical part to death, could we please return to how to fix the topic of this thread:
caching efficiency?"  That's a technical problem!

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