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RE: Creating demand for IPv6

  • From: michael.dillon
  • Date: Thu Oct 04 06:10:04 2007

> I haven't dug too deep into NAT-PT, but an obvious question comes to
> mind: Why would an ISP deliver an IPv6-only connection plus 
> NAT-PT (and all the likely problems) with a surcharge for 
> IPv4 instead of delivering RFC1918 IPv4 + NAT with a 
> surcharge for routable IPv4?

Why is it an either/or situation? Given the fact that PC's have
supported IPv6 for quite a while now, an IPv6 Internet access service is
workable, *IF* an ISP can support something that allows the IPv6 user to
get to the IPv4 Internet. That is a transition product that will reduce
the requirement for IPv4 addresses at the same time as it enables the
ISP to market themselves as "Ready for the Future" or whatever.

Obviously, the ISP can offer the same old IPv4 service with potentially,
double NAT but then they are just making do until some future point in
time when they have to deal with IPv6. At that point in time, they may
need to offer the NAT-PT solution which means they need to learn about
it, do some trials, etc. 

I'm not suggesting that people should rush out and make dumb business
decisions to offer IPv6 services today. I *AM* suggesting that people
need to start educating themselves on the intricacies of IPv6, trialing
IPv6 in a lab environment, and planning how they will introduce IPv6

IPv4 exhaustion is close enough that people can't afford to keep their
heads in the sand any longer.

--Michael Dillon