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RE: Creating demand for IPv6

  • From: michael.dillon
  • Date: Wed Oct 03 13:23:44 2007

> If you run a web site and only have IPv6 access via 6to4, you 
> SHOULD NOT publish a AAAA record. 6to4 has very few gateways 
> and they get clogged at various times of the day. If you 
> publish a AAAA record, every user who has IPv6 will first try 
> to connect to you via IPv6 and experience a -long- delay.

This is precisely why someone else on the list suggested that the
content provider should run their own 6to4 relay and anounce 2002::/16
to their IPv6 peers. That way, the IPv6 packets take the direct IPv6
route to the content provider, and the IPv4 path is just a stub in the
content provider's network. Admittedly, if the IPv6 path itself has
issues due to poor peering, poor bandwidth, neglected routing, that will
rear its ugly head.

> If you care to wager, I'll take some of that action. Without 
> a relatively transparent mechanism for IPv6-only hosts to 
> access IPv4-only sites this isn't going to happen. We don't 
> have such a mechanism built and won't have it deployed in 12 months.

What about these two?

Have you tried both of these yourself?

--Michael Dillon