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Re: the iab simplifies internet architecture!

  • From: bmanning
  • Date: Tue Nov 15 09:41:18 2005

> >>Ops folks need to participate in the IETF.
> >because they want to sell what?  clue?  seems unmarketable.
> So that they can affect the protocols that are going to be implemented 
> at a stage where they can still be modified to suit their needs, 
> scenarios, requirements, etc.
> Options for changing the protocols are somewhat more limited (though 
> not zero) when the specs and code (those that don't address the needs 
> of a particular set of operators as-is, in any case) have already 
> shipped.

	i think ops folks have leverage in slightly different ways.
	for commondity products, i expect you are right. for high end
	products, i have found that when i ask a vendor for certain features,
	and am willing to give them money, they tend to treat those feaure
	requests with favor.  features may or may not be reflected as IETF
	or other SDO based specifications.  in fact, recent events lead me
	to believe that marketing groups from vendors, having done some 
	market/customer research, are presuring the engineeering groups to
	push certain specs in the IETF.  To have the actual customers show
	up at the IETF and attempt to influence the specs directly will 
	put the engineering folks in a bind. ...  believe the customer or
	the marketing department? if a vendor ships code that does not meet
	my needs or is harmful to my operations,  i will either dump the 
	vendor or encourage them to build to my needs, regardless of the IETF.  


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