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Re: the iab simplifies internet architecture!

  • From: Pekka Savola
  • Date: Sun Nov 13 13:36:54 2005

On Fri, 11 Nov 2005, Randy Bush wrote:
i suggest, as opposed to the forever chant "operators should
come to ivtf and participate," that more ivtf folk should come
to operational fora and try to participate.  with the ivtf's
move to mediocrity and complexity, it is no longer the center
of the universe.  and come as equals, not as the enlightened
slumming.  we're all just bozos on this bus.
What exactly is there [for vendors] to participate in at operational fora?

That is, except for getting general clue on what's going on -- and putting a pinch of salt as the view one sees may not necessarily be representative.

It's a two way street; vendors need to listen to the ops folks. Ops folks need to participate in the IETF. Yeah, it's often quite frustrating, especially when the vendors have already "packed the rooms" and most ops who came around {don't want to, cant'} spend energy fighting that.

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