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Re: Deploying 6to4 outbound routes at the border (was Re: IPv6 news)

  • From: Daniel Roesen
  • Date: Fri Oct 14 18:35:05 2005

On Fri, Oct 14, 2005 at 06:06:03PM -0400, Todd Vierling wrote:
> That said, even such a distant gateway would be fine for v6 *eyeballs* if
> organizations would voluntarily set up 6to4 outbound relays for their own v6
> networks.  It's as simple as setting up a route to 2002::/16 at the border
> with a 6to4 conversion.

The problem is building a high performance gateway. Currently you have
about the following two options:

a) set up / configure a Cisco used as 6to4 gateway
b) set up a dedicated host (Unix box) as 6to4 gateway

Approach a) is good for only few traffic, really.
Approach b) is more complex.

Both approaches aren't really appealing.

I'm waiting for vendor J to enable option c)... implementing 6to4 via
the Tunnel PIC (or other PICs including the Tunnel PIC functionalities
like Link Services PIC). It's a very simple translation/encapsulation
which doesn't require any state keeping, shouldn't be a big deal. I can
imagine a few larger IPv6 ISPs then suddenly implementing 6to4 gateways.


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