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Re: Outage queries and notices (was Re: GBLX congestion in Dallas area)

  • From: Jerry Pasker
  • Date: Wed Jun 08 14:52:25 2005

It seems like it's taking more time to discuss it than it actually would take to create a nanog-outage list.

Maybe it's not being done because doing so would be threatening to a lot of people.

Having a large sounding board for outages will make it very difficult for larger providers to cover up outages. Having a web archive of postings during the outages will make it harder for people to forget those outages after they're corrected. Seeing lots of [reported/speculated] outages on a web archive from a larger NSP/ISP might make that network look bad, even though a large network might have a small percentage of outages when measured against the number of customers it serves. Furthermore, when someone does something stupid, it will be harder too forget/ignore the lessons learned. I'm sure that's bound to make someone feel threatened. ;-)

And last but not least: nanog-outage may become more operationally relevant than this list. :-)