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Re: GBLX congestion in Dallas area

  • From: Dave Stewart
  • Date: Tue Jun 07 18:41:24 2005

At 06:12 PM 6/7/2005, you wrote:

If we started posting about every fiber cut of every carrier anywhere in
North America every time it happened there wouldn't be any room left on
this list for talking about spam, senderid, DNS RFCs, E911 for VoIP
carriers, err... wait which side am I arguing again? :)
I don't operate even a mid-size network, but when there's an outage that effects more than a handful of locations, it's useful to know about it...

Not that there's anything I can do about it... but when customers are calling and asking why they can't reach their application servers, it's nice to be able to tell them there's a problem at $location and that no, I don't know when it'll be fixed, but they can be sure it's being worked on.

Sure, I can tell 'em that there's no problem with our network, and that our connectivity is fine... and leave them to figure out if there's a break someplace - and I do.

But I think NANOG is certainly an appropriate forum for medium/large-scale outages - unless someone's created an outage list someplace.

I will agree that it's not the place to bitch about a vendor not giving more specifics, dumping on vendors in any way, actually...