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Re: Yes it's off topic but who cares right now.

  • From: Nathan J . Mehl
  • Date: Fri Sep 14 13:00:06 2001

In the immortal words of Randy Bush ([email protected]):
> so, if we did not learn enough following the french into indochina, we can
> learn more by following the russians into afghanastan?  this does not seem
> like a sucess path to me.

"Of course it's different!  We're Americans!"

Feh.  I don't know if it's worth wasting your breath.  The shock
period is over, and the idiots are beginning to gibber.  While we're
burying our dead here in NYC, every armchair marine in the country is
advocating creating more innocent bodies.  

If they want to help America, let them come here and dig.  Otherwise,
they can go to hell.

-Nathan J. Mehl

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