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Re: Yes it's off topic but who cares right now.

  • From: Randy Bush
  • Date: Fri Sep 14 13:05:01 2001

> I think Randy understands all too well.  This war will not be fought on
> some distant shore.  It will not be fought in Afghanistan.  It will be
> fought right here--in our houses, in our streets, in our workplaces.  Are
> you all ready for that?
> The USA will retaliate, but it must not do so capriciously, and it must
> not do so with the insane mob mentalities that have been floating about
> this and other lists.  Make no mistake, our country must defend itself.
> But even in the wake of these heinous acts we cannot let our conduct make
> us the terrorists and oppressors and imperialists that the fanatics say we
> are.
> It is truly a cycle.  Not only of violence and hate, but of staying true
> to our values.  When a bully is rampant in the school yard, if one person
> knocks this bully out, the bully is still free to pick on other, weaker
> souls.  It is only when all stand together and refuse to be bullied or to
> support the bully's actions that the aggressor finds he has no audience,
> and thus no power.

and the hardest part is doing so without being bullies ourselves.  and we
should be sensitive about this as we are not _perceived_ as having done
well in this respect for the last half century.  and this latter seems to
be a factor in the mess we find ourselves today.