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Re: Yes it's off topic but who cares right now.

  • From: Stephen Kowalchuk
  • Date: Fri Sep 14 12:42:12 2001

I think Randy understands all too well.  This war will not be fought on some
distant shore.  It will not be fought in Afghanistan.  It will be fought right
here--in our houses, in our streets, in our workplaces.  Are you all ready for

The USA will retaliate, but it must not do so capriciously, and it must not do
so with the insane mob mentalities that have been floating about this and other
lists.  Make no mistake, our country must defend itself.  But even in the wake
of these heinous acts we cannot let our conduct make us the terrorists and
oppressors and imperialists that the fanatics say we are.

It is truly a cycle.  Not only of violence and hate, but of staying true to our
values.  When a bully is rampant in the school yard, if one person knocks this
bully out, the bully is still free to pick on other, weaker souls.  It is only
when all stand together and refuse to be bullied or to support the bully's
actions that the aggressor finds he has no audience, and thus no power.

David Klindt wrote:
> Randy, I truly doubt you understand the idea of war and protection of our
> citizens.  The USA is not going to retaliate... It is answering a call of
> war - one that has been ongoing for many years.  Unlike the Russians going
> into Afghanistan, our even the US going into South Viet Nam (or the French
> in your example), we have the skill to go up to the street bully, knock
> him out, knock the dust off our hands and walk away. It is not like it
> needs to be 20,000 troops driving into that country.
> Standing back and hoping it will go away because we want to be "peaceful"
> has NOT proven to work over the last ten years.

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The wise therefore rule by emptying hearts and stuffing bellies,
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