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RE: Routescience?

  • From: Kavi, Prabhu
  • Date: Wed Aug 22 17:16:45 2001

I would like to hear it too.  However, in fairness to Routescience,
did anyone on NANOG previously ask Cisco and Juniper to publicly
talk about everything they (sometimes painfully) learned about 
how to create resilient IS-IS/OSPF/BGP implementations?  And even 
if anyone would ask, are Cisco and Juniper likely to respond 
(thereby giving a heads up to their competitors)?

Routescience may or may not have something worthwhile.  However,
I would respect their perogative to not say much more on the 
NANOG mailing list.

I think the presentation at NANOG would be a great idea, especially
if it is a joint presentation with an ISP evaluating the product.

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> From: Andy Dills [mailto:[email protected]]
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> Subject: Re: Routescience?
> On Wed, 22 Aug 2001, Mike Lloyd wrote:
> > How precisely we've done it, what kinds of controls we 
> offer, how the
> > reporting looks, and ultimately how much it pays off are 
> all things we
> > love to talk about, but I'm not sure this is the forum for brick by
> > brick architectural inspection.  We have collected a large amount of
> > data on the relevant networking effects, and come up with 
> analyses of
> > it; some of that might be appropriate at a NANOG meeting, perhaps.
> I dunno about the rest of nanog, but I think a technical 
> discussion of how
> you implement performance-based route selection would beat 
> the hell out of
> the MAPS debate and Code Red discussion...I think, in fact, 
> after touting
> your product this much (which was in response, and not 
> unsolicited, thus
> relevant), you owe it to us to disclose as much as possible.
> Plus, I suspect that either you have something really cool 
> (in which case
> I'd love to hear more of the details), or something that is 
> going to be
> picked apart by the heavyweights on this list (which would be highly
> entertaining).
> It's a no lose thread. Let's have it.
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