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Re: Root zone change --

  • From: Thomas Marshall Eubanks
  • Date: Wed Sep 20 06:57:19 2000

Nathan Lane wrote:

> [Soapbox on]
> I have heard this "market speak" and these battles are difficult to
> fight, IMHO.  They are all spreading FUD, making middle managers wonder
> if Tuvalu is the best domain space since toasters.  Recently, my team
> was able to start the process to decom 6000 gtld names.  The moment our
> counsel hears of someone reclaims one of those, there will be hell to
> pay.
> As for US, Manning setup the only sane structure but it met with great
> disdain for some reason unknown to me.  Too many dots is all I hear.
> Now it goes to the DOC and all those other three letters.  Quite a loss
> to the community.
> [Soapbox off]
> -Nathan Lane

When I last looked into getting a domain in our domain, I heard
bad things about the registrar, and the fees, and the lack of transparency. It
isn't just the dots - it would have really helped to have set up a truly
registration system for the entire .us space.

Maybe it has changed by now...

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