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RE: Root zone change --

  • From: Roeland M.J. Meyer
  • Date: Wed Sep 20 02:15:00 2000

> Just because once upon a time the root nameservers and the most common
> Top-Level-Domain nameservers were one in the same doesn't mean you can
> freely refer to the TLD servers as "root" servers!

You might want to check your RFC's. There's root servers and TLD
root-servers, not to mention ccTLD root servers. Also, if you're running
public registration at the SLD level (like UK is), you also have SLD
root servers. Randy is technically correct, it was a notice about TLD
root servers. However, this does not invalidate its operational
importance. On DOMAIN-POLICY we have been taking NSI to task for making
unannounced changes to the core structure. Albeit, mostly changes to
whois (which some of y'all have complained about).

I agree that NSI posting this notice on NANOG is a GoodThing(tm). Would
you rather a tad too much notice, or none at all? <sheesh>.