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RE: Root zone change --

  • From: Randy Bush
  • Date: Tue Sep 19 22:59:56 2000

[ not disagreeing greg, just using your post as a soapbox ]

> Just because once upon a time the root nameservers and the most common
> Top-Level-Domain nameservers were one in the same doesn't mean you can
> freely refer to the TLD servers as "root" servers!
                  \\\ a handful out of hundreds of

should iana post to this list every time they change servers for TZ, KE,
UG, CA, MX, ...?  it would be easy to do if people are really interested in
this stuff at that level of detail.  it is quite likely that french
operators care a lot more about FR than COM.  and remember that canada,
mexico, and other places think that they're part of north america.  though
i suspect they may wistfully regret having a bully in the neighborhood.
and let's not forget to cover servers for the extremely popular sites,
e.g.,, ...

it is amusing that members of this list, who so often spend inordinate
amounts of time railing against nsi, fall so simply for their "we have the
most important zones" marketing.  then again, i am repeatedly told by my
european, alyc, african, ap, ... friends that the whole domain name noise
is an american problem/disease and we should shut up and use the US tld.
interesting that nsi could be on the grab for that one too.