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RE: Root zone change --

  • From: Greg A. Woods
  • Date: Tue Sep 19 22:43:27 2000

[ On Tuesday, September 19, 2000 at 18:58:21 (-0700), [email protected] wrote: ]
> Subject: RE: Root zone change --
> Yes, in the common parlance, they're referred to as the 'root' servers.
> Most technical people, including myself (unless we're being pedantic) refer
> to them in the same way.

It would appear that at least some technical people need to learn to
mind their p's and q's a with a little more care and attention!

There is, and can ony be, one ``root'' in the DNS.  Everything else is a

Just because once upon a time the root nameservers and the most common
Top-Level-Domain nameservers were one in the same doesn't mean you can
freely refer to the TLD servers as "root" servers!

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