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Re: Root zone change --

  • From: Rodney Joffe
  • Date: Wed Sep 20 01:19:44 2000

Randy Bush wrote:
> [ not disagreeing greg, just using your post as a soapbox ]


grepping the nanog archive shows a number of posts over the last year
bitching about lack of synchronization or currency of data regarding
.com domains when checking against the various tld-servers and
root-servers. Clearly there is interest amongst many of the subscribers
(the North American Network Operators) on this list, hopefully now no
longer pointing out lack of valid answers from Paul's machine. Some
people may not use dig to identify the currently authoritative servers.
so just let it go :-)

> should iana post to this list every time they change servers for TZ, KE,
> UG, CA, MX, ...?

No. But it may be of interest on the respective regional lists if
operators there have posted similar comments in the past.

>we should shut up and use the US tld.
> interesting that nsi could be on the grab for that one too.

Rumor has it that the deed has already been done :-(

Rodney Joffe
CenterGate Research Group, LLC.
"Technology so advanced, even we don't understand it!"(SM)