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Re: [OT] Valley of the Boyz

  • From: Jeffrey C. Ollie
  • Date: Mon Aug 07 11:40:28 2000

On Mon, Aug 07, 2000 at 10:26:33AM -0400, Sheryl Chapin wrote:
> Ummm, I think you guys are missing the point.  The point is that guys live,
> breath and eat this stuff, but to most women, it's just a job.
> [...]
> Personally, I always thought it was just me, but maybe it is a gender
> thing.  Is that bad?  I really don't know.

I think that you are trying to generalize from a rather limited
experience with computer professionals. Take me, for instance.  In
some ways I'm very much like the people that you describe. I enjoy
spending hours and hours tinkering with the computers and networks at
work and home. I've even had dreams about my networks.

Yet I enjoy talking with my co-workers about a variety of non-computer
subjects like politics, movies, TV, music, home repair, kids, family,
etc. But then I don't live in Silicon Valley or New York (I live in
the Midwest) and I don't work for a .com or other high-tech firm (I
work for a community college).

So we are out there...