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Re: [OT] Valley of the Boyz

  • From: Richard Irving
  • Date: Mon Aug 07 09:31:40 2000


 So, anybody want to take bets ?

   I bet the young lady, in the interview,
within her first 2 years, makes a BEE-LINE
for management, and starts -insisting-
everyone wears a tie, so they look professional.

 Remember, IBM salesman -rammed- "dark tie,
and white shirt" down the industries throat..
You weren't -professional- unless you dressed,
in this fashion. 

Corporate America's management bought into this 
load of malarkey, wholeheartedly. (I suspect their
ties were too tight..) So, soon
 corporate America was looking down their nose at
anyone who couldn't play the management conformity game...

 After all, your not a -professional- with out a dark tie,
and light suit.

  Meantime, back at IBM HQ, at the Watson Research center,
the top IBM techs , such as Benoit, were running around in
cut offs, and pony tails.

  Seems, to IBM, this rule was only true for -salesmen-, and trivial
technicals, and IBM had a pioneer in their company who went 
-way- out of his way to make sure R&D TECHNICALS were 
-not- required to conform. According to his research,
good technicals rarely enjoy conforming.

It is management, and sales, that admire conformity.

  Nonetheless, a reality as sold by -salesman=, bought into
by -management-, and propogated by -recruiters-, became the norm
for technicals... it took us 20 years to throw that 
perspective out the window... and some big companies
-still- by into that load of "stuff".

  Meanwhile , IBM kept running that research center, -without-
such codes.... pointedly.

  Yes, I feel almost -positive- this young lady
will seek management. I really do.

  Shortly thereafter, she will attempt to correct these 
errors in the industry, and set us all straight. She will
recruit people who cannot stand discussing "tape drives,
hardware, and wires", and management will back her wholeheartedly.

  I just know it.


[email protected] wrote:
> News flash, lady - IT -is- "tape drives and hardware and wires and
> machines".  So, if you have nothing in common with people who are interested
> in such things, go do something else.