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Re: DSL problems (PacBell and Covad)

  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Fri Apr 28 00:57:51 2000

If only certified techs are allowed to touch the line, and they
only work 9-4 on weekdays, who cut the line?  Do the certified
techs cut the lines before they walk at the door at 4pm on Friday?

On Thu, 27 April 2000, John Hall wrote:
> Yikes!  And I thought out US West service was bad!  US(eless) West is
> notorious for DLS service that stays up while the phone line is
> down!  It's happened to me three times for a total of 78 hours!  The
> great thing is that they allow only "certified" technicians to touch
> these circuits, so even if the tech at the CO can see that the phone
> line has been cut on the telco side of the DSL modem at the CO, he
> can't touch it!  And of course all the "certified" techs only work
> 9am-4pm weekdays (at least the residential DSL ones).
> Once when I got through to their tech. support call center, the guy
> on the phone was almost in tears, he'd had to tell that to so many
> pissed off customers.