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Re: DSL problems (PacBell and Covad)

  • From: John Hall
  • Date: Fri Apr 28 01:41:03 2000


Of course, I only find out about it when I get home from work, but
the three times its happened, it's been during the day.  

Another thing I love is that they've renovated their way of handling
trouble reports to "emphasize" their "neato-keen" new web trouble-
ticketing system which handles stuff so well that they never actually
get around to creating trouble tickets.  When I call a few days later
to see what the heck is going on and give them the TT# I got in the
confirmation email, they've never heard of it and, of course, the
new trouble ticket they give me goes swiftly to the tail end of the
queue where it languishes for several more days.  Gee, I wish *I*
had a monopoly!  I'd promise to take it out and play with it every


Sean Donelan wrote:
> If only certified techs are allowed to touch the line, and they
> only work 9-4 on weekdays, who cut the line?  Do the certified
> techs cut the lines before they walk at the door at 4pm on Friday?

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