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Re: NANOG laptops (was Re: Customer-facing ACLs)

  • From: Mark Prior
  • Date: Mon Mar 10 03:33:36 2008

William Allen Simpson wrote:

Marshall Eubanks wrote:
I used to count the proportion of Mac laptops in the room (or, at least, my row) to pass the time when I was bored.

.... I remember at the 1999 Washington IETF I saw exactly one, and I
could hear people whisper about it around me.

I used to attend with various Powerbook flavors over the years.  I'm sure
that I wasn't the only person with a Mac at IETF in 1999.  I snuck my SO
into the terminal room with her Mac, too....

So there was two of us at least :) I probably still had my "Blackbird".