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NANOG laptops (was Re: Customer-facing ACLs)

  • From: David Conrad
  • Date: Sun Mar 09 15:23:57 2008


On Mar 8, 2008, at 2:40 PM, William Norton wrote:
I was quite surprised to see the large number of Mac laptops at NANOG 42. I didn't do a formal count but it seemed like about 1/4 to 1/3 of the laptops in use were Macs.

...You know, now that you mention it, I was also quite impressed with how many macbook pros there were in room as well. That would be good to informally track I think :

what tools(laptops) do NANOG folk tend to use?

Macbook Pro (all of IANA (with one recent exception) use Macs of one form or another).

as this data might help SW dev types to target their netTools distributions to mac platforms more quickly.

That would be nice.

In the good ole days it seemed like 99% were PCs & maybe a couple were reinstalled with some form of unix,

I remember the 'good old days' a bit differently -- folks were indeed using PCs (Digital HiNote Ultras and hten Sony Vaio 505TXs) but reinstallation was the norm. Maybe it was just to crowd I hung out with...