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Re: NANOG laptops (was Re: Customer-facing ACLs)

  • From: Bill Woodcock
  • Date: Sun Mar 09 20:14:39 2008

    > Macbook Pro (all of IANA (with one recent exception) use Macs of one form
    > or another).

All of PCH uses MacBook Pros.  Except Gaurab, who uses a MacBook Air.  :-)

    > > In the good ole days it seemed like 99% were PCs & maybe a couple were
    > > reinstalled with some form of unix,
    > I remember the 'good old days' a bit differently -- folks were indeed
    > using PCs (Digital HiNote Ultras and hten Sony Vaio 505TXs) but
    > reinstallation was the norm. Maybe it was just to crowd I hung out with...

In the good _old_ days, before the HiNotes, everybody used Duos, then the 
HiNotes with FreeBSD, then the Vaios started creeping in, then the 
Titanium PowerBooks came out.