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Re: Hotmail/MSN postmaster contacts?

  • From: Dave Pooser
  • Date: Thu Oct 25 15:51:05 2007

> I have read the postmaster doco at MSN.  I have put SPFs for SenderID into
> many of my news station domains but it doesn't seem to be affecting my success
> at delivery over other domains which do not yet have any such configs.   What
> am I missing to get un"blacklisted"?  I can't seem to find any human contact
> info on there.
What I did in the past in a similar situation was sign up for an MSN
account, complain that my office couldn't email me, and keep escalating
until I reached somebody who understood the problem. Of course the
circumstances were somewhat different, and a spammer in a nearby netblock
had ignored them and they ended up blacklisting the whole /24 instead of
just the spammer's /27-- but it's still probably worth a try.
Dave Pooser, ACSA
Manager of Information Services
Alford Media