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Hotmail/MSN postmaster contacts?

  • From: Weier, Paul
  • Date: Thu Oct 25 14:29:21 2007

Any Hotmail/MSN/Live postmasters around?
My company sends subscription-based news emails -- which go to thousands of users within Hotmail/MSN/Live.   I appear to be getting blocked recently after years of success.
I have read the postmaster doco at MSN.  I have put SPFs for SenderID into many of my news station domains but it doesn't seem to be affecting my success at delivery over other domains which do not yet have any such configs.   What am I missing to get un"blacklisted"?  I can't seem to find any human contact info on there.
Any offline contact would be greatly appreciated.
Apologies for the noise.

Paul Weier                                 [email protected]