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Re: Comcast blocking p2p uploads

  • From: Andy Davidson
  • Date: Mon Oct 22 05:41:43 2007

On 21 Oct 2007, at 01:27, Leo Bicknell wrote:

But back the the original premise.  If say, Linux is being distributed
both from a central web site, and via P2P:
1) Central web site.  All but the one ISP with the web site will
   have the traffic going over peering or worse transit, and will
   often be carrying them thousands of miles from the central point.
2) P2P.  Has a good chance at least some seeders will be on the same
   network, avoiding peering and transits for some fraction of the
   traffic.  Has a good chance the seeders are closer to the user
   than the web site, perhaps even on the same cable segment.

In the UK at least, option 1) is financially more favourable for ISPs, since the data flow is
vendor -> transit -> last mile -> end user,
rather than
end user -> last mile -> last mile -> end user.

The last mile is where all the costs are.