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RE: Why do we use facilities with EPO's?

  • From: Barry Shein
  • Date: Fri Jul 27 13:25:32 2007

On July 26, 2007 at 18:59 [email protected] (Randy Epstein) wrote:
 > I guess my point was that it's safer to power off a UPS system as best you
 > can before you shoot water at it.  :)  Most likely you are doing this at
 > somewhat close proximity, with step-down transformers nearby, etc.

If you can stroll into the room and look around etc., sure, why not. I
said that in the previous msg. We agree.

The note I was responding to asserted that it was necessary to hit an
EPO before (direct) firefighting could commence, I wasn't saying it
wouldn't be handy in some circumstances, just "not entirely necessary"
(for firefighting.)

But getting to an EPO could be difficult if the room is closed and
it's looking like it might be somewhere in excess of 450F inside in
which case the usual approach is to smash/open a window or door while
the others stand ready with a fully charged hose. Which is why they'll
usually shut down power from outside the building if needed.

By definition a room on fire is a room out of control*.

An important component of firefighting is working fast as fires don't
usually get better by themselves. Well, actually they almost all do
get better eventually on their own, when there's nothing left to burn,
but that's not often an attractive option since the available fuel
could be what you call your neighborhood.

Also, NOT TO BE TOO LITERAL MINDED, but isn't the point of a UPS that
it has a lot of power even when it's not getting any externally?

Doesn't hitting an EPO on a UPS at best only reduce the electrical
hazard of hitting it with water a little bit?

* Interesting aside: In many venues, I know this is true in Boston,
when a fire official declares a building on fire legal title to that
building is automatically transferred to the fire dept until
firefighting operations are declared ended.

        -Barry Shein

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