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RE: Why do we use facilities with EPO's?

  • From: Randy Epstein
  • Date: Thu Jul 26 19:03:41 2007

> FWIW, do you imagine that's terribly large for urban firefighters in
> the big scheme of things, not just computer rooms?
> My memory could be wrong but I remember the John Hancock building, 60
> stories, pulls about 1.5MW...I remember Boston Edison mentioning this
> in discussing a design I was working on of a supercomputer facility,
> that we were asking for more power than the hancock building which was
> ok but it presented..."challenges". Factories can pull a lot of power
> also (that room was never built.)
> Anyhow, once you're beyond a pea-shooter I don't think procedures for
> firefighting vary a whole lot, other than some outliers.
> 	-b

I guess my point was that it's safer to power off a UPS system as best you
can before you shoot water at it.  :)  Most likely you are doing this at
somewhat close proximity, with step-down transformers nearby, etc.

An EPO not only shuts down the power feed to the UPS, but the UPS as well.
Which is a good thing.

A properly placed EPO and warning signs, as well as proper training of your
customers and vendors should minimize the risks associated with an EPO.

Look, if someone is hell bent to destroy your facility, EPO or not, they
will succeed.