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Re: Yahoo outage summary

  • From: Tony Tauber
  • Date: Mon Jul 09 12:07:25 2007

On Mon, Jul 09, 2007 at 02:31:10PM +0800, Randy Bush wrote:
> > following existing BCPs with currently-deployed
> > techniques/functionality/features would have prevented the issue
> > described in the post.
> knowing that level(3) is one of the most serious deployments of
> irr-based route filters and other prudent practices, perhaps we should
> wait for a post mortem from level(3) before jumping to conclusions?
> randy

Level3's filter implmentation is indeed well-done, however, the fact
remains that the IRR (which I use and endorse) has no linkage to any
other source of information for purposes of validation.
It's fundamentally garbage in, garbage out.

Say some ISP has a provisioning tool which updates their router
configs and the IRR in one fell swoop.  If the provisioner makes a typo
the IRR will gladly accept the entry for, say, 12/8, and the upstream
will rebuild their filters with that entry automatically and you get the
same result.

There's no magic bullet in updating BGP if a fundamental, verifiable
data model is not accepted and agreed upon.