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RE: Yahoo outage summary

  • From: Marcus H. Sachs
  • Date: Sun Jul 08 17:48:02 2007

Yep, soBGP or S-BGP could have prevented this.  But that seems to be a
bridge too far right now.

I don't know about the cause - malicious or accidental - perhaps somebody
from Level3 or Hanaro Telecom can explain the rest of the story.


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On Sun, 8 Jul 2007 15:29:10 -0400
"Marcus H. Sachs" <[email protected]> wrote:

> I put up a diary at the Storm Center
> ( that summarizes what we 
> know about the Yahoo outage on Friday.  If anybody has any additional 
> info they want to share or comments about the write-up please let me 
> know.
In other words, it was yet another BGP screw-up that secured routing could
have prevented.

Any clue about the root cause, i.e., malice or accident?

		--Steve Bellovin,