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Re: RPSL question

  • From: Marco d'Itri
  • Date: Sat Feb 17 21:25:04 2007

On Feb 16, Andreas Voellmy <[email protected]> wrote:

> I'm trying to learn about BGP and just ran across RPSL. I've seen
> and know that lots of people are registering their policies
> here. Are organizations also using these RPSL policies to compile
> configuration files for their routers (via RtConfig)? Or do they just
> maintain their RPSL policies and router configurations separately?
A few sites do, but I do not think there are many considering how hard
it is to express using RPSL a real complete configuration for a whole

Since RtConfig used to be unreliable on modern Linux systems (I do not
know if the last release has been improved in this regard) I wrote my
own tool which generates as-path and prefix-list filters (and uRPF ACLs)
for customers and peers using the IRR data and local configuration files
listing the neighbors:

My opinion is that maintaining an aut-num object for the purpose of
generating your own configuration is pointless, but maintaining proper
route and as-set objects will greatly help your peers to build their
filters. (Yes, another of these situations where your actions will only
benefit the rest of the Internet and vice versa).