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Re: death of the net predicted by deloitte -- film at 11

  • From: Paul Vixie
  • Date: Mon Feb 12 13:08:23 2007

> I never quite understood why layered multicast never took off which would
> solved the problems you state above.  There have been so many research
> papers on the subject from the late 90s that I would have thought that by
> now IPmc would be the silver bullet for video distribution.

as i said earlier, for intranet use, ip multicast is all the rage for video
content.  i'm fairly sure it was in use at my hotel in cairo last week, and
i know it's been deployed in a number of "digital television" networks in
asia.  it's internet multicast (idmr) that never happened, and as far as i
can tell, that's because there's no billing or business model for it.