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Re: Best way to supply colo customer with specific provider

  • From: Joe Maimon
  • Date: Thu Feb 01 13:18:53 2007

Rick Kunkel wrote:
Hello all,

Being relatively new to the colocation business, we run into a fair number of issues that we've never run into before. Got a new one today, and although I can think of kludgey ways to accomplish what he wants, I'd rather get some other ideas first...

We just had our first customer that's requesting bandwidth exclusively
through a particular provider of ours (Cogent) at less expensive pricing. The money people here are up for it, but obviously, they want to make sure
that he's confined to that Cogent connection.

Unless your customer is paying more for the privilege, your money people are probably making a very big mistake here.

What happens when all your customers decide they want to only buy the cheaper bandwidth from you?