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Re: the authors of RFC 2317 have a question for at&t worldnet

  • From: Albert Meyer
  • Date: Thu Feb 01 13:08:13 2007

I'm not from AT&T, but that page contains three errors and three "What to do" sections. The section referring to RFC 2317 is for DNS errors:

“550 Error. Blocked for status: <unknown sender>”: This error indicates that no identifying information has been entered into the DNS (Domain Name System) for this sending system. The AT&T Worldnet mail system, like many others, does not accept messages from mail systems with no DNS records.

The "Spam complaint" section has a different "What to do:"

What to do: Ask the administrator of your mail system to contact us through our System Administrators' page and provide the information we need to investigate the problem.

Paul Vixie wrote:
>   What to do: Ask your system administrator to submit identifying information
>   to the DNS. For more information, your administrator should refer to
> In the meantime, you should use a
>   fully registered domain for sending your messages, such as the mail system
>   from an ISP or one of the major free e-mail services.
> now, i count myself as a master of the obscure reference, but this is over
> the top.  can someone from at&t worldnet please contact me for the purpose
> of explaining what RFC 2317 could possibly have to do with spam complaints?