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IPv6 PI block is announced - update your filters 2620:0000::/23

  • From: Jeroen Massar
  • Date: Wed Sep 13 18:14:46 2006
  • Face: 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It's update your IPv6 filters time:

IPv6 Assignment Blocks CIDR Block
Expect blocks in between /40 and /48 there.

That is enough space for best-case 2^(40-23) = 131.072 routes, worst case 2^(48-23) = 33.554.432 extra routes in your routing table, I hope Vendor C can handle it by the time that happens. In order words: better start saving up those bonus points, you will be buying quite a lot of new gear if this ever comes off the ground ;)

Most likely case is a bit more optimistic if one takes /44's: 2.097.152
Still a lot more than the IPv4 routing table is now. It will take time, and possibly a lot, but it could just happen...

On NANOG Roland Dobbins wrote:
[..sarcasm mode..]
turning every host on the network into a router via a Shim-6-like mechanism isn't, either
If you would follow shim6 then you would notice that there is also an option for doing it side-wide. But I guess Vendor C doesn't like that option as then they can't sell bigger fatter routers ;)

(can you imagine help-desks who can barely cope with basic Windows issues trying to support Shim-6, heh?).
Ever tried to ask a help-desk if they knew what IPv4, BGP, ASN or any other simple term was? ;) Most times they don't even know what 'traceroute' means.

Vendors, network operators and those participating in standards bodies must understand the seriousness of these issues for customers and work to address them (pardon the pun, heh).
Indeed a certain Vendor C should really start working on fixing a lot of bugs quickly.


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