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Re: [db-wg] yet another irrtoolset replacement, 1.0

  • From: Marco d'Itri
  • Date: Tue Apr 25 06:25:47 2006

On Apr 25, Gert Doering <[email protected]> wrote:

> - Can your tool do IPv6 as well?
Yes, support for IPv6 and multicast has been a design requirement from
start. It can handle IPv4/IPv6 unicast/multicast in all combinations.

> - Can I use the template setup to do generate prefix-list filters
>   (for the BGP session) and uRPF ACLs (for anti-spoofing filters)
>   at the same time?
You can now. :-)
Writing the template code to generate the ACLs was trivial, but I had to
implement a vmethod to convert CIDR prefixes to the net + netmask format
used by IOS standard ACLs.
I will mail you the patch.

(If anybody else needs other features, let me know and I will try to
implement them...)