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Re: data center space

  • From: Josh Cheney
  • Date: Tue Apr 25 06:29:17 2006

[email protected] wrote:
> You have to take a balanced approach to continuity planning.
> Otherwise, you risk going bankrupt long before there is 
> any big catastrophe.
> Also, I would say that expecting a terror act to knock
> out a 65 square mile area is being a bit over pessimistic.
> Pessimal pessimism at its optimal.
> --Michael Dillon

If any of you have not done so, I would highly recommend reading Bruce
Schneier's book 'Beyond Fear'. The particular scenario that is being
described here is what he would call a "movie plot scenario", in that
while it would make a very good movie, it is not at all likely to
happen, and is almost impossible to defend against in any sort of a
reasonable fashion.

Josh Cheney
[email protected]