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Re: IAB and "private" numbering

  • From: bmanning
  • Date: Sat Nov 12 13:42:49 2005

> > i rant, yet again.  
> > 
> > 	what is this "the" public routing table?  where does one
> > 	get it?  in my 25 years of networking I have NEVER seen it.
> Have you seen the moon? Touched it? I still can't be convinced that
> pluto exists, I haven't seen it, but it appears to be there ;)

	seen them both.

> > 	i am convinced that it is a fictional as the "public" Internet.
> > 	or the "DFZ" ... they do not exist, except in the fevered 
> > 	imaginations of marketing droids... and the virus is more virulent
> > 	than the H5N1 strain.  Note that it affects normally sane engineers
> > 	who KNOW better.
> Well I apparently have a lot of nasty viruses floating around in my body
> at I used "DFP" with which I mean:
> "Default Free Prefix, a prefix routed without having any smaller
> prefixes covering it. Removing such a prefix will make the
> prefix unreachable."
> DFZ would be the group of all DFP's.

	routed where?  your router?  my router?   until/unless
	you can look at EVERY router and see this mythical DFP
	in ALL of them, then i remain convinced you are deluded.

>  Jeroen