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IAB and "private" numbering

  • From: Tony Tauber
  • Date: Sat Nov 12 02:55:35 2005

Hi Dave,

In response to your request for more interaction w/the IAB, here's a
peeve I've been developing lately and perhaps this outlet might be
appropriate for it.

There are some resources, like IP addresses and AS numbers, the proper
operation of which hinges on their uniqueness.

Generally, people seem to understand that it's only their uniqueness
within a domain that is required; however, there is no telling when
domains which may not be connected may become so in the future.
RFC1918 has definitely caused problems for me personally many times
and I feel certain the experience is far from rare.  I'm not saying
that reserved numbers for private uses aren't needed.  There are still
labs and other example configurations where they might be of use.
RFC1918 might seem to alleviate some operational problems but it
certainly creates many others.

The registries (including IANA as their root) should provide just
that, a place to register the use of number resources to avoid collisions.
I'm thinking that "private" number spaces should probably be used
advisedly if not deprecated outright.

I could add more detail if desired for the sake of clarity.

I'd like to see some acknowledgement that there are legitimate uses of
number resources that don't include "the public Internet".
IAB should perhaps claim to the Architecture of "TCP/IP protocol
technology" or however it would be best construed to convey that
these technologies are used outside "the [public] Internet" and that
their integrity and viability needs to be protected broadly.

Does this concern make sense?
Does this course of action make sense?
Is there a(nother) better venue than the IAB?
What do people think?


ps. My goal is not to inflame, merely to discuss and educate.