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Re: design of a real routing v. endpoint id seperation

  • From: Andre Oppermann
  • Date: Fri Oct 21 12:44:54 2005

Neil J. McRae wrote:
Considering that most people who are in favor of multihoming for ipv6 believe that there is customer demand for it, the market forces would decide this one.
We have nobody but ourselves to blame for this. If we all ran
networks that worked as well as our customers demand and didn't have
our petty peering squables every full moon, the market wouldn't
feel the need to have to dual home.
There is not only the multihoming issue but also the PI address issue.
Even if any ISP would run his network very competently and there
were no outages we would face the ISP switching issue.  Again we
would end up with either PI addresses announced by the ISP or BGP
by the customer.  With either the DFZ continues to grow.  There is
just no way around it.