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RE: multi homing pressure

  • From: Ejay Hire
  • Date: Fri Oct 21 12:31:58 2005

If only I'd had the foresight to configure the all of the
customers I've setup on BGP with Bogon filters, and more
complex routing policies than defaults + provider customer
routes, then I would have made mountains of recurring
revenue from this "maintenance", and I would be reading this
thread in my mountain cabin with beleaguered amusement.

Alas, I met the customers requirement, it has to "just
work"... And it does.

(and yes, on the network I administer at my day job, I
bogon/rpf filter and aggressively traffic engineer.)


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> John Payne wrote:
> >
> > Hrm, people keep saying that BGP is hard and takes time.
> >
> > As well as my end-user-facing network responsibilities,
I also have 
> > corporate network responsibilities here.  All of our
corporate hub 
> > locations are multi-homed (or soon will be)... and I
honestly can't 
> > remember the last time I made any changes (besides IOS
upgrades) to 
> > BGP configs for the 2 hubs in the US.  (We're moving
> > locations in the "international" hubs and taking new
providers, so 
> > I'm discounting those changes as you'd have similar
changes in a 
> > single homed statically routed move).
> >
> > If you don't have multihoming requirements other than
> > then it really can be fire and forget.
> Except for those pesky bogon filters.... which
> seem to like
> to "fire and forget".
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