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Re: FCC Outage Reports ..(.was Verizon outage in Southern California?)

  • From: Andre Oppermann
  • Date: Fri Oct 21 13:42:38 2005

Vicky Rode wrote:
Thinking out loud.

I guess some sort of trust model would help similar to what nsp-sec has
in place (not sure its current state).

It could be nice if there was some sort of a consensus among this
consortium to distribute executive health metrics with the help of some
secure trusted monitoring mechanism or maybe push model to a central
database of some sort.

Like to hear more thoughts as well.
Here we see again that the secrecy ("to prevent terrorism") of this
information costs more than having it in the open as the FCC did in
the past.  The whole terrorism sham was just a convenient excuse to
prevent outsiders from assessing the quality of the carriers network.

Even if, which it does not, secrecy of this information would prevent
any kind of external force terrorism we now have to suffer the terrorism
from dishonest carriers and intransparent phone and bandwidth markets.
One can only guess the cost shouldered by carriers customers because of
unknown or deliberately wrong information.  Guess how many procurements
would have been made differently if true reliability and physical route
information were available.

Do I feel better that neither me nor the terrorist know that my "redundant"
fiber routes are in the same dig?  Or in the same cable even?  We all know
how reliable the carriers bonus driven sales droid promises are...


BTW: Often overlooked fact: Living is deadly.