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Re: Verizon outage in Southern California?

  • From: Steve Sobol
  • Date: Tue Oct 18 16:20:32 2005

Matthew Black wrote:

While weather in Southern California may affect your electricity,
...It does, and it's more of an electric utility problem than a weather problem. :P

it has only a minor effect in the Long Beach area. Monday evening's
storm was fairly mild with winds under 10 MPH and less than a half
an inch of rain overnight. Not what I would consider a heavy storm.
Yeah, I figured the heavy winds might have more to do with any possible outages than the rain did. Obviously, though, not a big issue in Long Beach...

Rains do cause telco data problems. When I had dial-up, my maximum
rate dropeed from about 45K to 37Kbps during and for a day or two
following rain.
*nod* but that's 56K dialup, which is a crapshoot anyhow. I'd be more interested in finding out if there were any weather-related issues with services that are normally more stable than dialup.

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