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Re: UN Panel Aims to End Internet Tug of War by July

  • From: Michael.Dillon
  • Date: Tue Feb 22 09:22:22 2005

> the report itself is linked to from

Many of you may find it more interesting and
useful to read through and comment upon one
or two of the working papers posted here:

I would hope that people with special expertise
in these areas might take the time to read one of
these working papers to ensure that they don't have major
inaccuracies. Remember, this is politics and in politics
perception often equals reality.

This is the list of topics they cover.

- Administration of Internet names and IP addresses 
- Administration of the Root Server system 
- Peering and Interconnection 
- Telecommunications infrastructure, broadband access, convergence with 
- Cyber security, cybercrime 
- Competition policy, liberalization, privatization and regulations 
- Multilingualization of Internet naming systems 
- Spam 
- Dispute Resolution 
- Security of network and information systems 
- Technical Standards 
- Affordable and universal access 
- Social dimensions and inclusion 
- VoIP 
- E-commerce 
- Consumer, user protection and privacy 
- Unlawful content and access protection 
- Intellectual Property Rights (Executive Summary) 
- Cultural and linguistic diversity 
- Education and human capacity building 
- National Policies and Regulations